Tamashare is the first software that allows group collaboration in any kind of work organisation.

To reach an agreement on a project or a contract(…), we need to meet, talk, see each other and share common documents. Companies must adapt their way of working to their new work situations (workforce spread over several production sites, remote working….) without losing efficiency and productivity.
Tamaplace offers to help you reach these efficiency, productivity and communication quality goals by creating a visual collaborative work platform accessible to participants situated in the same room or in remote locations : the Roomote.


Tamashare is the first instant sharing application! Create your virtual meeting room. Invite your colleagues or clients. All documents you drop in the room will instantly be visible by every party.

Download for free on Microsoft and MAC, Tamashare will soon be available on web, Android and iPad.
Easy to install and to use !


Interschool offers a new experience in collaborative teaching. We offer interactive and secure virtual classrooms.

Download for free on Microsoft and MAC, Interschool will soon be available on web, Android and iPad.
Easy to install and to use !

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Visual Management

Visual Management

Post it
Office Template
Internet of things

Team involvement
Space optimization



Full screen webcam
up to 20 participants
Smart bandwidth management
Encrypted communication

Secure meeting
Travel optimization



Room customization
Follow mode
Application sharing
Open API for LMS

Realtime skill validation
Travel optimization



Multi video stream HD
Documentation sharing
Internet of things
Record meeting

Increase efficiency in solving issues


Nothing can be stored on the cloud and communication is encrypted


Meeting is saved on the computer of each participant or a shared folder..


Share all sorts of files and do work as if you were all together


Pens, Post-it, Marker, Magnet…


  • The Nestlé Waters company tests the platform for the management of its projects in order to optimize the workspace while supporting the digital transformation of the company .

    Nestlé Waters
  • The Decathlon company used the software for brainstorming sessions in relation to their ALIVE project. We helped remote advisors provide the local teams with the necessary help to formalize their methodology.

    Decathlon Alive
  • The AVITVISION company chose TAMAPLACE to develop the HYDRA solution to create interactive events about business model.

  • The CGI company chose TAMAPLACE for the development of the MAEVA solution. They offer a collaborative module designed for delicate maintenance operations in several fields of expertise: aircraft, transport and industry.